Be Part of the Ecosystem.

When we talk to participants in the Verizon Innovation Program, we hear many compelling reasons why they decided to join.

Unparalleled Wireless Expertise

We know wireless. If your innovation involves wireless technology, it makes sense to partner with an industry leader. We have broad and deep wireless expertise, and by participating in the Verizon Innovation Program, you get streamlined access to leading-edge technology, advice and expertise.

Open Collaboration

We work hand in hand with program participants. When you become part of the Verizon Innovation Program, you get a committed, collaborative partner dedicated to working closely with you to turn your innovative idea into a functioning, thriving reality.

We don't take over your project, nor do we leave you on your own. Our engineers, business experts and others collaborate with you every step of the way.

Specialized, State-of-the-Art Labs

You get unequaled, open access to our advanced labs. In our labs, you'll find a full array of the latest wireless equipment, including a test network and pre-certification equipment. We help foster more productive product development by giving engineers open access to our labs and the experts who work there, as well as to the sample and public networks.

Committed People

Our people care about your success. The committed, knowledgeable people involved in the Verizon Innovation Program provide expertise and experience—and serve as a source of ideas, connections and encouragement.

Our Powerful Partner Ecosystem

Connecting you with companies and people who aid your innovation. When you join the Verizon Innovation Program, you gain access to our network of innovation partners, which includes some of the biggest names in the extended wireless community. These partners bring their technology, advice and commitment to your success.

Faster Time to Market

Innovating at the speed of wireless. We help ensure that your innovation goes though a streamlined development process and reaches the market as quickly and strongly as possible. That's our goal.

Greater Visiblity

Sharing your innovation. We help you get attention for your innovation through our Verizon Innovation Center showcases, industry tradeshows and other avenues.

Market Access

Helping you get your product to market. If the product, application or service is appropriate, we work with you to leverage Verizon's extensive network of retail stores and other market opportunities. Our business development experts also provide advice about how to price and market your innovation.

hear from our participants


“One of the things we look for as a small company is world-class partners. At the Innovation Center, we quickly had access to expertise from Verizon and its partners. Being part of the Innovation Center accelerated our progress significantly. For start-ups like ours, the Innovation Center is the place to be.”

Tim Root, Founder and CTO, VGo

Tim Root, Founder, VGo