Verizon Collaboration

Be Part of the Ecosystem

When you join the Verizon Innovation Program, you'll work with some of the most experienced professionals in the extended wireless community.
Collaborating with you in a supportive atmosphere of true partnership, these industry experts bring their extensive real-world experience,
advice and commitment to your success in an open, exciting environment.

Technology Standards

4G LTE industry standards provide a firm foundation for the innovation ecosystem.

technology standards infographic







Innovators leverage 4G LTE and Verizon Wireless connectivity to power hardware and software.

technology standards infographic

New Solutions

Hardware, software, and service innovation fuels the collaborative creation of entirely new solutions

big belly® waste case study

Big Belly® solar-powered waste bins use 4G LTE wireless technology to tell collection crews when they're full, reducing collection runs and related costs.

"The Verizon Innovation Center has a passion for connecting various devices to the Internet using wireless technology."

 - Matt Volpi, Director of Product Marketing, Big Belly Solar® 

Visus Technology case study

Wireless technology enables facial, color and money recognition the visually impaired.

"I went to Verizon Wireless because of their focus around innovation... and their corporate mantra... to create things of value to society."

 - Dr. Stephen McCormack, Chairman and CEO of Visus Technology, Inc.

Health ID case study

Easy-to-use wireless platform helps with managing all aspects of your health.

"The speed of the Verizon Innovation Center is tremendous. They fully understand the meaning of innovation."

 - Angelo Pitassi, CEO and Co-founder, HealthID


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